• Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival
  • Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival
  • Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival
  • Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival
  • Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival
  • Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival

Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival

After-sales Service: Three Years
Warranty: Six Months/10000 Kms
Type: Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Cabin Filter, Transmission Filter
Material: OEM Standard
Structure: OEM Standard
Filtration Grade: Hepa Filter
Gold Member Since 2022

Suppliers with verified business licenses

Rating: 5.0/5
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
28113-1G100 28113-4F000 A373P00985 28113-3Z100
Air/Cabin/Conditioner/Oil/Fuel Filter
Car Model 6
for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai
Car Model 1
for Hyundai H100 Starex I30 I10 Getz Azera Xg Atos
Car Model 12
for Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata
Car Model 8
for Entourage Prime Amica Galloper Pony Veloster
Car Model 7
for KIA Sportage Rio Pride Cerato Optima Sephia
Car Model 11
for Avella Pricante Carnival Cadenza Joice Picanto
Car Model 3
for Amanti Shuma K2500 Sedona Carens Magentis
Car Model 4
for Soul Amanti Spectra Rondo Forte
Car Model 13
for Huatai Lynk&Co Pentium Baojun Maxus Roewe
Car Model 5
for Mazda 6 2 626 323 929 Millenia Titan Tribute
Car Model 2
for Suzuki Alto Grand Vitara Wagon Sx4 Swfit
Car Model 9
for Honda Accord CRV Odyssey Civic City Fit Pilot
Car Model 14
for Isuzu Trooper MIDI Dmax Elf Npr Campo Rodeo Kb
Car Model 10
for Hyundai H100 Starex I30 I10 Getz Azera Xg Atos
Transport Package
Standard Export Package
Made in China
Production Capacity

Product Description

Four Symptoms When Your Fuel Filter Needs Replacement
Many friends tend to confuse the concepts of fuel pump filter screen and fuel filter. The fuel pump is installed inside the fuel tank, while the fuel filter is generally installed on the chassis of the car outside the fuel tank and connected to the fuel pipe, which is easier to find.
The fuel filter is one of the "three filters" of the car (the other two are the air filter and the oil filter). It is one of the routine major maintenance items that the car must do, but it is different from the oil filter and the air filter. Cleaner, fuel filter replacement cycle is longer, so it is easy to be overlooked.

The fuel filter is used to filter impurities and a small amount of water in the fuel, so the oil quality has a great relationship with the service life of the fuel filter. It will be gradually blocked, and the symptoms of blockage are basically typical oil circuit blockage failures.
The clogging of the fuel filter is also a process from light to heavy. The symptoms of slight clogging are not obvious, but you can still feel the decline in engine operating conditions. Severe clogging will cause the car to be unable to use normally.
Because the symptoms of fuel blockage such as fuel filter clogging, carbon deposits in the fuel injector, and fuel pump blockage are similar, if other oil circuit failures are excluded, you should consider whether the fuel filter needs to be replaced when the following 4 symptoms appear.
1. Early blockage and acceleration: the impurity in the fuel is filtered layer by layer by the filter paper to supply fuel to the engine. If it is slightly blocked, the concentration of the mixed gas will occasionally be too thin, and there will be a slight sense of frustration when accelerating. Generally, the shrugging phenomenon occurs in the early stage of fuel filter clogging.
2. Slight blockage The car starts to accelerate poorly, and the engine power drops: This situation is more obvious when the fuel filter is slightly blocked, especially when the car is under heavy load, the power drop is very obvious, because the filter When the engine is slightly blocked, there will be an air-fuel ratio error caused by insufficient fuel supply, which will directly slow down the car's power.
3. Severe blockage will cause unstable idling and shaking: This is when the blockage is serious, and the continuous combustion of the mixture is insufficient, and the engine will appear unstable at idle and more serious shaking.
4. Serious blockage, unable to start the car or difficult to start: This phenomenon indicates that the blockage of the fuel filter is already very serious. At this time, the car is not only accompanied by serious bad acceleration, but also difficult to start, and it is difficult to start the car.
The blockage of the fuel filter will cause the oil circuit to be unsmooth, the mixture gas ratio will be out of balance, and the mixture gas cannot be fully burned, which will directly cause a large amount of carbon deposits in the engine.
In order to ensure the good performance of the engine, the fuel filter generally requires regular preventive replacement. Generally, depending on the fuel used, the car needs to be replaced after driving 20,000 to 50,000 kilometers. If the fuel used is poor, the replacement cycle needs to be advanced.

In fact, compared with the fuel filter, when the fuel is poor, the blockage of the fuel pump filter will bear the brunt.

Product description
Engine carbon HDAG auto cabin air conditioner filter for HYUNDAI KIA JAC BAIC MOTOR HUATAI Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival Cadenza Joice Picanto
Item Name          OEM auto/car oil filter,fuel filter,air filter,cabin filter, air conditoning filter,transmission filter
OEM/REF NO.              28113-1G100 28113-4F000 A373P00985 28113-3Z100 55560911 28113-H1915 
MOQ 100PCS depend on items
Quality/Product parameters OEM standard or Design as sample or drawing
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, Credit card, Cash
Product Guarantee 6 months or 10,000kms
Delivery Time 1. Sample: within 3 days if with stock roughcast                      
2. Batch : 30-45 days since receive deposit
Package 1.Neutral sealing bag+inner box+master carton                      
2.Customize brand bag and box design AS REQUIRE+master carton                             
Loading Port Ningbo/Shanghai/Yiwu/Guangzhou or pointed port

Reference our auto oil/fuel/air/cabin/transmission filer packing way:
Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival

Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival

Our semi finished car oil/fuel/air/cabin/transmission filer in production 

Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival

Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival

Our HDAG auto oil/fuel/air/cabin/transmission filer 100% testing before packing and shipment:
I. We only do OEM auto oil/fuel/air/cabin/transmission filter, different with other factories
II.Quality guarantee: We promise to all of our old and new customers: SIX months guarantee or 10,000kms since B/L date, If we ship u wrong products or any quality problem, we will full compensation with free.
Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival

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Engine Carbon Hdag Auto Cabin Air Conditioner Filter for Hyundai KIA JAC Baic Motor Huatai Tucson Elantra Santa Fe Accent Sonata Avella Pricante Carnival
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If you need high quality Auto or car oil/fuel/air/cabin/transmission filters for passenger cars, or want to be HDAG distributor or agent, please don't hesitate to contact us.
1GD129620 3Q0129120 4M0133843 04C129620C L1KD129620D 8K0133843
027129620 4KD 133 844 AG 3OG 129 G20 O4E129620C 1K0129620D 4F0133843
330129620 4KD 133 844A 4G0 133843L 04E129620A 1KO129620A 4F0133843A
056129620 4KD 133 844B 8W0133843A 4GO 133 843L 04E129620 4E0129620C
1J0129620 1J0129620A 4NO 129 620 B C 8W0133843C 7H0129620A 6C0129620D 4E0129620D
036129620M 8T0 133 843A 337 129 620 8W0133843E/B 058133843 4GD133843
6Q0129620 4K0133843G L4H0129620D 7M0129620A 7L0129620 06C133843
036129620D 420133843C 5QD129620C 07k129620 06F133843 4H0129620D
03C129620F 8K0133843E 8K0133843L 95813384300  3D0129620D 420133843B
021129620 5Q0129620B 7P0 129 620 A 6R0129620A 3D0129620E L1KD129620
110910-HLLA533 17801-21060 1109020-4V7 17801-TXA00 17801-20040 17801-21040
17801-BZ070 17801-31150 17801-TBA00 17801-46050 17801-28030 17801-31090
17801-TFA101 17801-50030 17801-77050 17801-0Y050 17801-31110 17801-30040
17801-74010 17801-30070/11130 17801-THA00 17801-31130 17801-17020 17801-28010
17801-14010 17801-YV020  17801-0N060 17801-F0060 17801-0S020   17801-09020 17801-58010 17801-31120
17801-23030 17801-30060 17801-61030 17801-0v030  17801-38011 17801-67060 17801-38030
17801-0T020 17801-24020 17801-58040 17801-58030 17801-0C010 17801-62010 17801-46060
17801-22020 17801-45031 K1428 17801-0T070 17801-54140 17801-38050
17801-0P020 17801-31160 17801-36010 17801-74020 17801-75010 17801-54100 17801-74060
17801-31100 17801-F4010        
17220-RAA-000 17220-5J6-A00 17220-5AA-A00 17220-5M1-H00 17220-RLF-000 17220-5GA-A00
17220-PAA-Y00 17220-5J6-A10 17220-5MS-H00 17220-RKG-A00 17220-RCA-A00 17220-5X6-J00 17220-RZP-Y00
17220-POA-000 17220-RTW-000 17220-5AY-H01 17220-RDA-X10 17220-R28-H00 17220-R28-H00 17220-RZA-Y00
17220-P8C-A00 17220-RW0-000 17220-5K0-H02 17220-RYE-A10 17220-RYA-A00 17220-51B-H00 17220-R6A-J00
17220-RCB-A00 17220-R8A-A10 17220-RYE-X00 17220-PLC-000 17220-RL5-A00 17220-R5A-A00
17220-REJ-W00 17220-5BF-A00 17220-5WA-H00 17220-RX0-A00 17220-PNB-Y0I 17220-5LA-A00
17220-RB6-Z00 17220-5BV-H00 17220-6A0-A00 17220-R70-A00 17220-RNA-Y0 17220-PGM-000
17220-5R0-008 17220-6T9-H01 17220-6P7-H01 17220-5D0-W00 17220-R1A-A01 17220-RFG-W00
17220-R60-U00 17220-RBJ-000 17220-64A-A00 17220-5A2-A00 17220-R40-A00  
28113-08000 1109120P2030 28113-V7170 ABJBY4004410235P 11090140-B01-000 28113-3J100
28113-1G100 28113-4F000 A373P00985 28113-3Z100 55560911 28113-H1915
28113-2K000 28113-3F700 1109130P3040 28113-V7150 13780D0Q000 28113-17500
28113-1X000 28113-L4400 28113-G2100 11090140-J03 A00107564 28113-3M000
28113-4T600 28113-BU000 11910130V9020 0K552-23-603A A00007003 28113-3M100
28113-3S100 1109130S5500 1109120V500 28113-3K200 C00003696 28113-4H000
28113-0Q000 B00014416 CKLQ38-110 28113-3L000 A00000002 28113-1R100
28113-22780 28113-J5100 1109130P1919 28113-A5800 11090104B00 28113-2P300
28113-B3100 28113-H8100 B00014129   28113-2J000 1105020AIR-01 28113-3E000
28113-4V100 28113-4D000 28113-39000 1109130P3030 1109130U9020 28113-2W300
28113-09000 B00013428 28113-R9100 1109130U7500 1109130U7280 28113-2M200
28113-C3000 1109130U2400 B00017063 11090140-J06-B00 K1725 11090120G00
28113-C3100/c3300/C1100 28113-03100 A00039687 1109130V0010 28113-3W500 28113-B3210
28113-0R000 28113-FC100 A00102256 28113-32510 28113-F8100 28113-V3490
28113-2G000 28113-26000 28113-2M000 28113-4A001 28113-F0000 1109120U2210
1109130V6500 28113-2W100 28113-2B000 28113-A9100 1109120U8710 28113-2S000/
28113-1S100 28113-F9100 28113-A9200      
1444  E8 16546-5463R11 9803867580 13717534825 1444  RX 7701071327
1444  PT 8200431051 9806412780 1444.W3/1444.W2 1444  FX 16546-9490R
1444  PP 8200289892 94658433 9806411580/elp9126 1444  G9/1444  R1 16546-5FN1A
1444  EL 9813908880 9806422180 9806734380 KL466-110 16546-9S000
S18B-1109111 1109101AGW01A 1109110XKZ1D 1109110XKVOBA B14-1109111 T11-1109111LA
A11-1109111DA 1109103XKM01A 151000079AA 1109101-P64 J26-1109111 B12-110911
S11-1109111 1109104XGW02A B11-1109111FL 1109101-S08 T21-1109111AB J18-1109111
S21-1109111 151000151AA 1165524S01 1109110XJZ08A J60-1109111AB A13-1109111FA
A21-110911GA 151000187AA 1109110XP6EXA 1109110-V08 1109101XS16XB B21-1109111EA
A21-1109111 1109132XGW01A J62-1109111 K1614        1109120B00 1109110XSZ08A T11-1109111AC
M11-1109111 J42-1109111AC K09-1109111 1109101-M18 1109102-K00 T21-1109111
M11-1109111BC 1109107XGW02A 151000121AA 151000025AA 1109101-K08 J43-1109111
T11-1109111 151000190AA F08-1109111HD 1109110XKZ46A 1109101-K80-A1 J42-1109111
S18-1109111 B14-1109111AB 1109110XP64XA T15-1109111 1109110XKZ16A Q21-1109111
S18D-1109111 J52-1109111 A21-1109111FL J69-1109111 1109110XKW09A
B21-1109111 -1109111 S18D-1109111DA      
24512521 23989967 C3119019010A0 KLQ591-110 1109120GN01 1109120-FB01
1107022-11 23607621 SL0119218014 S60-1109033 23890271 14287-910412
24512545 P111900000016 SX5E-6E 11056222512 23961974 A034X390
l01-1109019 C001766301 CKLQ5-2300 A260020J-F0400 23909020 C20-1109013
24531927 1109120SE01 23533777 23538598 KLQ590-100-110 AF27728
24552164 SX5C-1109013B  SL0119019010A0A0026 1109120FK03 1109001-AJ01 AF27888;14348-910410
23878474 B001233 P1119019017A0 BS3-1109011 12227-910402 C00016587
24546992 L0119019010A0 23584985 23549355 16546-MP100-H3 FP1119019010AW0018
23857266 K1529 B012729 1109120-SA03 KLQ425-100 EB3G9601AA
24547195 3607621 B013579 CD-H15T-AB CB101 16185-910410 1119019001A0
TA-7006 replace SX5G1109013 KF2016 1109120-SF01 16546-SN100C2 C0019512
C001766611 P111900000035 A-1109033 CKLQ20-2300 23989662 D00050503
24546794 1109117-HP02 DM5L-1109011 DM5L-1109018 1109120SD01 L0119218012A0
24569296 :B016576 8200371661 CKLQ9-1000 P1119019003A0 1109120-SA0X
24569269 B015016 1109120-VC04 16546P6800  C00005845 1109120-SA02
C00032808 CM7K1109013 BS3-1109111 SA-P086N K1528 FP1119019001
1109130DN S60A-1109013 1109117-FA01 HFJ6391  K1726  
AAC11090034 FC5119019001A0Y0355 471QL-1109820W 468-1109820W    
F1109160 HAD-1109211 51793172/25098845 5AC-1109412 6AD-1109212 F2803140
L1109102A1 STF-1109213-180821 M11-09160 D1109160 HA-1109211 EGJ-1109411
FAE1109160 1244978300 S1109160 97210428 SHE-1109212 5AC-1109411
12384495-00 STF1109400C MEFA-1109411 K1736 P1109160/70071 10838028-00
YAA1109110 5801317097 PBC1109610 97211822 HCB-1109400 SAD-1109212
ST-11094000  19071901 11090140-H01 SCE-1109411-D1 46420988 SE-1109212 1301136300
A1109141 TA51109210 CMC1109130 51926417 VBH-1109213  
23190-09001 16546-2ZG0B 16546-3KY0B-999 16546-3TA1B-C139 110923009 MD620837
23150-11000 1500A708/ME017246 8-98027480-0 16546-4BA1B-C139 16546-1P100 MR571476
23190-08040 16456-6CT0A B001109230 16546-JD20B-C180 A131109230 1500A098
23190-08043 23150-35300 16546-5RF0A-C139 16546-8296R 16456-JK20B MN135615
23140-34100 16546-2GN0A 16546-4KVOA SE003039 16546-AA090 SE001907-2
8-97049708 16546-6LAOA-C139 16546-6CB1A SE003555 16546-V0100 SE001907-1
8-94465656-0 16546AA140 B101205260 16546-7674R 16546-3AW0A-C146 MR968274
8-97035303-0  CN3-9601-AA 16546-KB230 1500A680  16546-ED500 16546-1KL0E
EP1-9601-AA T08-1109018 1500A722 SE001906-6 16546-JG30A 16546-1MG0A
CW733947S EGN2-9601-AA 16546-7FK1A 6610944504 16546-T3400 16546-1DV0A
MD188657 16546-2GS0A 46546-AA150/AA16A CS10344061 16546-JN30A 110913B5051
SW804438-9 16546-6RC1A 16546-5NA2D-C139 MD620838 16546-Y3700 16546-2DB0A
1500A023 16546-6LS0A CW759935-8 16546-EH500/EG000 16546-P2700 16546-2HD0A
MN135269 MR266849        
CNIC15-9601-AA KLQ629 68214516AA CC11-9601-CB PHE000200 DS73-9601-AC
92VB-9601-HA KP2-9601-AA GN15-9601-AA  CN4C15-9601-BA PHE100380 FA1696;YL8Z.9601.AA
E9P29601AA FA-1632
04861480AA FS1-9601-AA 30005099 6G91.9601.AB
1C15-9601-AD FA1754 68235291AB FA-1884 110067663 04861756AA
1109230LH-AC E11109230A1 11090100-6JA0-0 9L8Z-9601-A
AV61-9601-AD 04891694AA
1109230HN 1109105TP10R 1109105-T60PR 8-9402531-2 PHE100460 1-04593914AB
1109013-B01 10674100 53442048 G2MJ-9601-FA 10334315 1-05019002AA
1109013-B02 10434875 10355807 8-94156052-0 30053199 891926AA
AL34.9601.CA MC199601AA 1-04861688 AR3Z-9601-B/BC;FA1897 30025813 04861746AA
68245310AA CNIC159618AE 17110401 68190705AA;9919548A 68091843AA 04861737AA
98FU.9601.AA HC3Z-9601-A 10487777 1-68081249AC 68081249AC  53004383
LX1639;SMS1.9601.CA 10851753 EJP1-9601-AA 891926AA;891713AA 52022378AA 50016901
7M519601AC MD620077 JX61-9601-AA 30071028 77367847/51977574 53034018AD
1S719601AA 04891916AA 68257030AA 23279657 10177398 53034019AD
04891691AA K-1518 53007386      
90411732 C36015/23321606 26673021 96827723 A3097C A2944C  small
9041833 26694183 23430313 96628890 13272719/20 A2029C  big
90799322 23437180 23430312 24512551 90922629 A3096C
96553450 39068744 A3175C P1401-10036-1 92148978 A3139C
97871654 A3212C A1738C 96950990 A3038C;15278634 A1627C
A1096C;24508572 42712666 84498926 A3137C                92196275 22971580 A3086C
55560894/ELP9132 39146031        72462074 23418368/A3025C GM 23458700 95021102 92066873
A1209C;5495285 26245827 23450879/23441383 26346177 96536696 13367308
9072249 96328718;               B11-1109111 13272717      
RF4F-13-Z40 SA14-13-Z40 P51F-133A0 FA14-13-Z40 1109160-EY Q00A1190112
LF50-13-Z40 1109160-FL 5DA0-13-Z40 SA12-13-Z40 PB13-13-Z40 AJ57-13-Z40
ZJ01-13-Z40 PEHH-133A0 5CA113Z40 FA1A-13-Z40 PA1-613-Z40 Q00A1109100
MA10-13-Z40M1 SA18-13-Z40 GY01-13-Z40A E21-13-Z40 PAL6-133A0 MA12-13-Z40
B595-13-Z40 F5F1-133A0 1109160-BA01 PE07133A0A    
1109112-20102 2010005CAD0000 6080900 2010005BCA0100 20100569826 KLQ582A-2000
1109112-30100 201000CAX0100 11090200 201000SAV0000 2010005BAC0000 42809253
110910141500 2010005BSV0000 5480025-5 2010005BAL0100 2010005BAD0100 2010005DRS0000
2010005ARX0000 1109103S0001 R11G11A006 2010005BAC 210005AAF000 2010005DRS0100
K2114 5HA0-13Z40 SDF-806003 1109160-MH EC1109215N120518 1109101-D01
K1814 161073 1109101-E01 1109101-F01 1109102-D0001 KF2518A2 XAA1109033
K1914 1109160-DD01 K1522 K1615 100001222 XAA1209013
1109020-0500 1108150DC01  1109160DB01 107999015 00024057 S402 1109101-B01 896255ZBH
13780-77A00 1108190-BP03 1109190-BK01 1109013-U01 13780-69J00 1109113-C03
1109113-OOY 1109190-BQ03 1318 1109190-U10 13780-75FC0 1109113-B06
1109113-C01 1109190-BU02 110919-M08 13780-57L00 13780-75F00 1109013-J02
17801-87205 1109120-BU101 1109120-BJ01 K1317 13780-54G01 1109013-T01
1522() 1109190-U70 13780-68M00 13780-82J00 6600131690
1109013-Q01 1109190-AP40 1109190-BS01 1109013-AK01 13780-81A00 1109013-Y01
1109013-F01 1522 1109190BD04 S401014-0900 13780-58B00 13780-C3100
1109013-W01 1109190AT120 1109000-BQ01 1109020-7V2 K1522() 13780-66M00-000
1109013-M01 1109190PT01 13780-78R00 11090028-3 13780-65J00 1109013-N01
13780-77J00 1109108DP01 1109190M06AA 1109013AK03 13780-78K00 1109190-M06
13780-62J00 1109013-G03 13780-79J00/55K00/56K00 13780-62L00 13780-62B00 1109013-H03
13780-Y6K00 1109013-H01 1109013-V01 13780-Z15A0    
1016002627 8022020100 2032035600 1016019531 1016011101 1066002699
2032003500 1016017532 1016019512 1016017636 1016014789 4114500220
1016012034 1116001637 6606633022 1016016217 1016015731 2032007600
1016011545 8889319253 6606632739 2032039700 1016019046 1602627
2032009600 2032034100 2032038500 2032040500 2032045400 2032036500
XC6402-1109140 V101109116K0127ZBH T2110911202 1109103001-B11 1109101-K01 1109103001-A02
M804651904 118204002B12 20085009      
LR029078 36A133843 T4A6124/GX73-9601-BA A3100C;15286805 PHE000112 3W0129320
ESR1445;C26126 95B 129 620 B 000205468 670001545 PHE500021 3Y0 129 620
PHE500060 982129620A/B 970110222001 99611013151/2 1X43-9601-AA 95B129620A
LR011593 987 110 133 00 3W0129620B/C 99111013000 AJ82766                     2W93-9601-AC GJ32-9601-AA/C28022
PHE000050 971129620 3W0129319 99711013031 A3095C;15942429 T4A6123/GX73-9601-AA
LR005816 LR129322 PHB500040 670154626 A1624C;15202048  
30637444/3075155 30636833 30680293 8638600 9186262 30745344
30748212 31368022 30636551 9454647   9186361-3 31370089
13717532754 13721247404 13717800151 13727834714 13717503141 13717561235
13717542545 13712247444 13718518111 13727834715 13721707021 13721730946
13717521033/038 13718613250 13717542294 13717593250 13721744869/946 13717601868
13718507320 13718613251 13717619267 13727838804 13712246997;PHE100500L 13717548888
13721702907 13717852382 13718626739 13717558382 13717577457 13717505007/008;13717514832
13717571355 13717852380 13718605164 13717798342 13717577458 13717521023
13721736675 13717638566 13718577170 13717602643/909 13721491749;C2851 13717536006
13717590597 13717850055 13727843283 13717599285 13727529261 13717797465
13717548897 13718581691 13727843284 13717589642 13717556961 13717582908
13717548898 13718580400 13718580428 13717589641 13729502014  
2730940404;1120940004;1120940604 2600910300 2740940051 2780940004 0000903751 2660940004
2710940304 A6540940004 1770940004 1560940504 6420942304
1370940104 A6540941500 6540940204 2740940104 1120940104/0204 2760940004
6510940104 A2820940004 6110940004/0104;6130940004 0030946804 2760940504
2700940004 6510940004 2640940100 2750940104/0204 0030947204 0010940301
6040941404;6040941304;6040940004 2540940200 1770940104 1110940204 1110940304 0000901651
6460940004 2740940004 133090104 A2810940000 6400940204  
AU2424X 20008334 M0190000003 1109030-90 1109060-2L 1109120RK01
V500011104 50534420 8889645623 211500117-2 AU2718-6F  

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